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November 04, 2010


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Excellent article! Too many web articles simply give the pat answer that DBAs are for business practioners and PhDs are for academics and call it a day.

While touching on this perception, your emphasis on a school-by-school analysis and mentioning, "Some DBA programs also can be pathways into careers in academia.," provides a true picture of these programs.

Excellent article. Thanks for the information!

The conditions like increased competition for the product, inflationary tendency in the economy, rising unemployment as well as the fluctuations in world economy may also adversely affect the business enterprise

Great post as always;)

Hi! Great article! Thank you!!

Just wanted to let your readers know that California Miramar University is accepting applications for its next DBA cohort starting in the fall.

The Doctorate of Business Administration program is designed to provide managers and leaders with a global perspective which emphasizes the use of both practical and theoretical approaches. The Core, Concentration, and Dissertation course syllabi are organized around this goal. The successful completion of class projects and assignments require research skills and the discovery of new knowledge as students search for solutions to problems in today’s ever changing environment.

For more information:

Excellent post.

I was told that you should never get a DBA in business because it's not taken as seriously as a PhD when you are looking for an academic position.

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Thanks for reading Amar! - AACSB

Hi Sandi, A DBA is more suited for individuals that wish to enhance their careers in professional business industries. You are correct, a Ph.D. is preferred by academic institutions due to its training in high-level research.

I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles. I will bookmark your blog and have my children check up here often.

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