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August 12, 2011


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That's too bad. I'm from R.I. where Senator Pell resided and he was an excellent advocate for education. I only hope the SBA does not follow suit and start limiting available startup capital for these graduating students who want to start a business.

This is a good option for the students who can not spend on their education..Thank you..

This is sad. Without tutition assitance I would not have been able to attend ungraduate school. I've been planning to go to graduate school but now that you can't find a high paying job to afford the schooling, and now not having help from the govermenet, I guess your just going to have to run into a dead end.

Student loans are becoming harder and harder for most people to pay off. Especially when they either take longer to graduate, or who have a hard time finding a job after graduation... Or both!

hi there,.. thanks for interested article,.

So what is next ?

Now people who are not having good financial conditions some how they will get relaxed about the study of their children.

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