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February 22, 2012


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excellent ! what an article i really liked it !

I'm welling to study how to be a successful entrepreneur,

You done a Great job..and Thanks for sharing this info...

Hey that's really a great post and a wonderful description out here, I really like the way things are being executed and discussed here.

Well, both degree are field of business. Either way, it can help you to handle business more precise and strategic whatever the degree people want to get.

nice blog - you can't go wrong with a business career if you are relentless and find the right info, listen guys I am in a generous mood so feel free to go to this site http://www.writingblogs.net to get a free ebook about business blogging that goes into great detail on some of the points raised in this post

I was amaze how the article was wrote. It was very informative and interesting until the end. Would really want to read more this kind of blogs.

Having a degree is one advantage when planning to take business venture but it does not secure your business success. However, having a business degree is an edge to come up with effective marketing plan and build business system.

Great article! I think i will be going for a master in business administration rather than the program in entrepreneurship since it will give me a greater flexibility after i´m done. I might want to work for another company in the future and then this kind of degree is more useful.

Really great guide. It can be difficult to figure out which course to take.

Awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

I really appreciate what you have been doing. This is on eof your best. Please keep it up. The world needs people like you who sacrify their everything.

Well explained, and clearly differentiated. Both degrees are good I think, you just have to determine where your passion is.

Both sides are great. Why don't you get the two? I know you can handle it. Good luck!

Impressive ! Thanks for providing us tips on where to go and how to go in the degree that we really wish for.

The topic being talked about here is well-expressed. For me I would go for Entrepreneurship because it will tackle on the actual skills needed for business. This will teach the sudents on how to create an idea for a business model that is feasible.

I see Business Administration and Entrepreneurship courses as alike. But having read this post of yours, it gives me a clear distinction between the two. Thanks for that wonderful discussion and differentiation between the two courses. It somehow enlightens things which are quite vague to us.

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